Mom showing me her ex-boyfriend’s lithographs
One year

I love you.

Like the sea to a monsoon

Or a tornado to a small town in the mid West

Or maybe like a mother hearing a babies first breath.

No, that’s a bit much…

You have a way with words, a voice of calm something’s and a laugh of love.

——pt 2

A skate day.

A new menu.

A trip to the sea.

Some love you more, some love you less.

I’m no longer a competitor but, the bond we hold will never come to rest.

It was hot, I was irritated, you were beautiful, everyone was in awe. I broke my board, we got naked, You punched me in the jaw.
I don’t know why this is such a special day.
My wisdom teeth still have much to say.
You itch my memories like a pup scratches their butt, tomorrow is May 14th…